Business services

Fortum Charge & Drive is the most advanced solution for operating a charging network. We are the leading charge point operator (CPO) in the Nordics, and our cloud-based software is used to operate charging networks worldwide. We deliver everything needed to create superior end-user experiences, from the mobile applications to top-rated customer support.

Mass-market tested

Over 100 000 charging sessions per month


Hardware agnostic

No vendor lock-in, continuous OEM integration


Cloud-based SaaS

Operate all chargers & customer accounts remotely from a single back-end

The most advanced EV charging business solution on the market

Fortum Charge & Drive business solution

Fortum Charge & Drive offers a cloud solution for electric vehicle (EV) charging service providers and infrastructure investors. The cloud-based (SaaS) architecture enables flexible, pay-as-you-grow models, and white-label alternatives. We serve EV charging service operators, businesses, and governmental organizations. The service is configured to suit our customers' requirements - from back-end administration that shows the current status of each charger, enables the remote control of charging at each station (start, stop, restart), and offers a wide array of pricing options - to the front-end branding of the consumer mobile app and web portal. 

The cloud solution is hardware-agnostic, we already support multiple hardware manufacturers and more are continuously being integrated. The Charge & Drive service allows operators to remain in control of their network and charging points, regardless of which hardware (OEM) is in use, and our roaming capability with flexible payment options provides a superior end-user experience. Fortum Charge & Drive offers the only mass-market proven solution for EV charging, as well as a personal commitment to growing your charging business.