Selected success stories for thermal plants

Thermal worldwide success stories

Selected success stories for thermal plants





15.09 EET

Tees biomass fired renewable energy plant in Teesside, United Kingdom, 2017- ongoing

Fortum’s world-class operation and maintenance (O&M) concept and valuable experience as an owner and operator of biomass-fired power plants contributed to customer’s choice. The Tees operation and maintenance agreement is a continuation of a long history of Fortum’s O&M services in the UK.


10.13 EET

Narva power plants, Eesti Energia, Estonia, asset management process development 2016–2017

Fortum’s project creates a modern asset and maintenance management process to Narva power plant. It renews and upgrades the plant’s maintenance strategy by taking environmental, ecological and safety aspects into consideration.


15.56 EET

Trianel Gaskraftwerk Hamm-Uentrop, Germany, since 2005 (continues)

Fortum provides full scope operation and maintenance services for one of the first IPP (Independent Power Producer) owned power plant in Germany.


10.51 EET

Içanadolu combined-cycle power plant, O&M consultancy services, 2015–2017

Fortum’s international expertise providing operation and maintenance (OM) services convinced the customer. Fortum’s OM Consulting Services provide OM mobilisation know how with Fortum’s high level quality systems, safety and maintenance reliability tools to the new İçanadolu power plant.


10.30 EEST

Tanjung Jati B, Indonesia, technical support agreement 2005–(ongoing)

Fortum provides technical support services for the operator of the coal fired power plant in Indonesia.


09.00 EET

Jaworzno III (hard coal) Tauron, Poland 2010–2016

One of the biggest low-nox combustion project in Poland 2010–2016. Fortum has implement a project involving combustion control and reduction of nitrogen oxides in Poland at Tauron Jaworzno III power plant.


16.11 EET

Trianel Gaskraftwerk Hamm-Uentrop, Germany TOPi® delivery in 2007 and upgrade in 2013, support on-going

TOPi®Process Information and Optimization System in daily use at Hamm CCGT Power Plant


09.59 EET

Narva power plants, Eesti Energia, Estonia, nitrogen oxides reduction installations 2013–2015

With Fortum’s solution, the nitrogen oxides emissions at Eesti Energia’s Narva Power Plants can be reduced outstandingly – low-NOx emissions (reduction 50%) with extremely small operational costs.


14.57 EET

Ekokem Oy Ab power plants, Maintenance Management System Services, 2007–2015

Fortum has delivered reliability and maintenance development services to several Ekokem’s waste to energy, bioenergy and incineration plants. These services improve plants availability, cost efficiency, safety and environmental issues.


10.21 EET

GSR Energo, CCGT CHP power plant, O&M consultary and CMMS project, St. Petersburg, Russia 2011–2014

With preparation of Fortum TOPGen® based OM management and IT systems, Fortum has participated in customer’s energy upgrade and efficiency project in St. Petersburg.


09.38 EET

Ineos refinery and petrochemical plants, Grangemouth, United Kingdom, since 1998–2014 (O&M services continue)

Fortum’s experience of design, reconstruction and project management have combined with the experience of operation and maintenance, asset management and energy trading.


14.44 EET

Multiple TOPI® projects at Suomenoja 2004–2013

TOPi® Process Information and Optimization System is comprehensively used at Suomenoja power plant – one of Fortum’s major CHP plants in Finland.


10.38 EET

Tanjung Jati B, Indonesia, TOPi® system delivery 2011–2012

Fortum’s TOPi® Process Information and Optimization was chosen to ensure the plant’s top notch performance.


09.50 EET

Lakeside Energy from Waste Plant, United Kingdom, 2007–2012

Fortum’s international experience in operation and maintenance using waste fuels contributed to customer’s choice. Fortum’s OM project for staff mobilisation, recruitment and training benefitted the plant performance.


15.23 EET

Metsä Board Husum, Sweden, steam turbo-generator relocation, 2010–2011

Fortum provided full scope of turbine and generator overhauls and modernizations of all related control and protection systems included into the relocation project from France to Sweden.