Performance and energy efficiency services for thermal power plants

Services and methods to keep your plant' s performance and availability high.


Energy efficiency and availability

Products and services help to keep your plant availability and performance high.


LowNOX combustion technology

Solutions and products for different kinds of combustion and fuel technologies and boilers.


Maintenance management

Services and tools for maintenance management, development and life time management.

Thermal performance main

Our versatile thermal performance services include e.g. management consulting and training, planning, productivity and performance development services with remote monitoring for bio, waste to energy (WtoE) and CHP (combined heat and power) plants managing especially availability, energy efficiency and life cycle condition.  Furthermore we explore O&M and investment costs and sustainable needs and targets for thermal and organisational performance audits. We offer Design Reviews, life cycle analysis and environmental upgrades. We are experts in combustion & lowNox technology.

Thermal performance services

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