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Innovative energy solutions for energy systems, electricity and heat production. We look at business from the owner’s perspective to stay one step ahead of the competition. Combining our top technical know-how with an economic view enables us to identify opportunities and turn them into measurable results.

Progress at Fortum OM on Teesside

Project is on pre-mobilisation phase

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Power solutions that truly benefit you

Fortum Power Solutions integrates technology, experience and people to deliver the top class products and services worldwide. We have 300 energy professionals providing customers with a wide range of expert services for different types of power plants. We work in global markets to improve our customers’ energy efficiency, availability, performance management and environmental issues. We have innovative IT tools and solutions for the power plant user experience. As a power plant asset owner, we have a rich know-how of power plant operation and maintenance services.

Our customers have been satisfied year after year

Customers value our technical expertise and deep understanding of their business. Our customer satisfaction has consistently been at a very high level.

Fortum Power Solutions is:

  • A plant operator with excellent track record
  • Independent of equipment suppliers
  • Integrator of various partners, networks and business interests

Our customer says:

They are flexible, uncomplicated, easy to deal with, and in particular they are competent”


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