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15.34 EEST

The Circular Economy Village

In June 2016, the Circular Economy Village was inaugurated in Riihimäki, Finland. The Circular Economy Village is a refinery complex developed by Ekokem, which Fortum acquired in 2016.


08.51 EET

GrowSmarter – demonstrating solutions for intelligent cities

GrowSmarter is an EU funded project that brings cities and industry together to demonstrate 12 smart city solutions. Its goal is to provide valuable and practical insights on energy, infrastructure and transport, as well as opportunities for replication, thereby helping other cities transition to a smart, sustainable Europe.


10.10 EET

Our Christmas donations support various charity organisations

For several years now, Fortum has made Christmas donations to charity organisations in all its major operating cuontries.


12.03 EEST

Leading energy, technology and construction companies join forces to develop next generation sustainable housing in Stockholm

Sweden’s Stockholm Royal Seaport urban development area is set to become the site of a unique research project, with 150 new apartments as the testing bench.