Tyumen CHP-1

The CHP plant Tyumen CHP-1 was commissioned in Russia in 1960. It is one of the two major sources of district heating for the city of Tyumen.

Tyumen CHP-1

The Tyumen CHP-1 plant is 100 % gas-fired and comprises two combined-cycle power units.

Tyumen CHP-1 Power Unit No. 2 with an electric capacity of 190 MW and heat capacity of 220 Gcal/h was put in commercial operation in February 2011. It was the first facility to be completed under Fortum's investment programme in Russia. The plant uses gas as a fuel.

Emissions into air in 2015
CO2 2,049,000 t
SO2 0 t
NOx 1,380 t
Particles 0 t




OAO Fortum, Tyumen CHP-1
Power Plant Manager: Sergey Gusakov
ul. Odesskaya 1
625023 Tyumenskaya Oblast, Tyumen
Tel: +7 345 241 00 82