Argayash CHP plant

Argayash CHP is located in the town of Novogorny, Russia, 56 kilometres north-west of Chelyabinsk. The power plant was commissioned in 1954.

Argayash CHP plant

Argayash CHP supplies power and industrial steam to Mayak, a large state enterprise owned by Rosatom State Nuclear Energy Corporation. The power plant also supplies heat to the residents of Ozersk and Novogorny. The power plant operates both on coal and gas.

Emissions into air in 2015
CO2 1,400,000 t
SO2 8,330 t
NOx 3,220 t
Particles 12,700 t




OAO Fortum, Argayash CHP
Power Plant Manager: Sergey Kinereysh
Ozeresk, Novogorny ul. Lenina 1
456796 Chelyabinsk Oblast
Tel: +7 351 3092154