Fortum in Latvia

Our operations in Latvia are focused on district heating and electricity production as well as on heat distribution and sales.

Fortum in Latvia

Our business

We have been operating in Latvia since 2007. Our combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Jelgava, commissioned in 2013, is the first large-scale biomass CHP unit in Latvia and provides as much as 85% of the heat necessary for all of Jelgava’s district heating.

Our services and solutions

Our services and solutions include power, heat and steam sales and district heating. 

Some key figures for Latvia

Power generation, capacity 26 MW
Heat production, capacity 174 MW
Employees 31 Dec 2016 74
CO2 emissions ​0.02 M


Production and plants

We have a diversified production portfolio that utilises several energy sources

Get to know our plants

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